Miley Cyrus’ ‘Bangerz’ Headed For Number One With 250,000 First-Week Sales Tally

Miley Cyrus is headed straight to number one on the Billboard Hot 200 with her much-hyped Bangerz LP. No surprise there. The 20-year-old is arguably the most famous woman on the planet at the moment — collecting headlines and hit singles with ease. But does that translate into album sales? The answer, it seems, is no.

Bangerz is predicted to sell 250,000 copies in its first week. That’s a commendable figure in 2013 but still feels underwhelming given the diva’s media dominance and the fact that the album was released with four different covers — a marketing ploy to encourage multiple purchases. To put things into perspective Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Britney Spears and P!nk all sold more first week with their last studio albums.

That said, Miley’s fourth LP should sell enough to give it the highest first-week sales tally for a female artist in 2013. At least until Prism and ARTPOP hit shelves. Time will tell if Bangerz has legs and sells steadily over the coming months but this isn’t quite the knockout punch many commentators were expecting. See the five best first-week sellers of 2013 after the jump.

Justin TimberlakeThe 20/20 Experience (968,000)
DrakeNothing Was The Same (658,000)
Jay ZMagna Carta Holy Grail (528,000)
Luke BryanCrash My Party (528,000)
Justin TimberlakeThe 20/20 Experience 2 (350,000)

Were you expecting Bangerz to sell more? Let us know in the comments below.

[Via Billboard].

  • Kent

    Wow, I really was expecting a 400k+ debut. Maybe more hoping than expecting, but regardless, the album is sure to chart well and consistently stay near the top for a while.

  • DerpMerp

    LOL at the photo

  • Justin SanDiego

    I’m just happy its number one. with all the hot/cold opinions on Miley, this could have easily been a flop. I think Bangerz will have consistent week- to -week sales which could accumulate great sales.

    Must point out, whats with all the top sellers being men??? LAME! #Pussypowerweincontrol

  • Jay

    250,000 is hardly anything to cry about. Sure, she’s been everywhere but why do people consider it to be “underwhelming” when for the most part, album sales are just about underwhelming anyway. Justin Timberlake sold almost a million copies early in the year, and yet he couldn’t quite do it again…even Robin Thicke had the biggest hit of the summer and his first-week album sales were pretty soft but has sold steadily since then. Also, Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” album started soft but then over two/three years it has sold steadily.
    This being Miley’s first proper release under her control, it’s not a bad start considering “Can’t Be Tamed” flopped and the last Hannah Montana album did too.

  • JR

    Getting your name, or tongue, or ass, or boobs out there in the media doesn’t guarantee sales.

    Sure she has had two hit singles (just as Jay shows, a hit single doesn’t reflect album sales success) – but I think the problem is the way she is marketing herself. She might have an absurd amount of views in such a short time on YouTube, and I understand there are a lot of trolls, but public opinion is definitely not in her favour. You only have to look at the amount of dislikes on her videos and performances to see that.

  • Marcus Blake Allen

    250k is good. People need to stop being so negative. Rihanna is a bigger pop star than her and rihanna sells less than 250k in her first-weeks. As long as miley continues to promote in a good way, the album could go on to sell over a million easily.

  • Sam Scarcello

    Why the title change? 250k is no longer underwhelming?

  • socialogicalmusic

    250,000 ? LOL ! What a joke ! All the publicity and all she could sale was 250,000 first week. Whao ! I really think shes done. She did everything she could to sell more and she ended up selling way less. I think theres nothing else she can do for her next album. She already showed all of her cards. Lady Gaga can sell 250,000 in hours.

    • Trent

      Right except Lady Gaga hasnt released an album in over two years and her first single from this album failed to reached number 1 on itunes and only sold 220k the first week. I would wait for her album sales to before you laugh at Miley.

  • socialogicalmusic

    This is prove thats shes not in the same level as Lady Gaga. Im done ! LOL !

  • Norie Sal

    She went too far with her antics. I really loved her “We can’t stop” summer song,I thought she had a fresh new cool look,than after the VMA’s it all went crumbling down hill.Te attention kept getting worse and worse,than the Terry Richardson photos were just simply vile. Where is the buying power? People with JOBS,and apparently,she isn’t appealing to young adults or the parents.Big Big lost on her end. She should have kept it cleaner.

  • Jackie

    What week sales? Her album came out on the 8th and it’s the 10th. Am I the only one who can count?

    • Cody Binford

      Right? I am confused myself here.. it’s not even the weekend yet! Only on it’s 3rd day lol.

    • Trent

      Come on. Clearly you know nothing about the music industry. The number is a first week sales estimate. They make them every week on Wednesday based on the first day sales. The predictions are always very accurate.

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