Watch 2 Chainz Make Crab Cakes (With Me Time Sauce) On ‘The Chew’

2 Chainz brought his cookbook to The Chew and cooked up some delicious-looking crab cakes garnished with “Me Time” sauce. Yep, this is a thing that happened. 2 Chainz (or should I say…CHEW CHAINZ) stopped by the foodie chat show Wednesday (October 9) to talk about his latest album and its accompanying cookbook, while Mario Batali assisted him with his crab cake recipe.

And it was just as sublimely ridiculous as it sounds. Up top, the rapper talks about how he teams up with his personal chef to make gourmet meals on the road (often cooking on the tour bus) and helps prep the dish.

Head below to watch him finish the plate as Batali calls “Mercy” “such a bangin’ song,” and then the rest of the co-hosts do dramatic readings of 2 Chainz’ cookbook.