Idolator Halloween: How To Dress Like Macklemore!

Pop stars and outrageous outfits go hand in hand, which makes it easy as pumpkin pie to dress up as one for Halloween. Having trouble deciding which artist to choose from? We’re here to help you pick from the most iconic looks from 2013, and to show you fun ways to recreate them.

It seemed like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis fell from the sky and dropped uber-popular musical bombs when they were introduced to us at the top of this year. Their most inescapable song that everyone loves to hate – “Thrift Shop” – took over radio airwaves, Billboard charts, Youtube, etc. Now it’s taking over your Halloween! Check out our DIY costume tutorial below.

What You’ll Need:

  • The most important item to pull off this pimptastic outfit is a fur coat (faux or real, we won’t tell PETA). Macklemore loves to rock fur coats during his performances, so head to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army to find a recession-proof and authentic variation. Or just borrow one from your rich aunt!
  • The fur coat may be super warm, but make sure to actually wear some clothes underneath it. Keep it simple with a plain black t-shirt and black jeans from your closet.

  • The Seattle-bred rapper enjoys a large cup of a red Slurpee in the “Thrift Shop” video and with a long night of tricking n’ treating, you will mostly likely get thirsty. Head to a 7-Eleven and stock up on your favorite flavor for $2.
  • Throughout the video, Macklemore sports a classic pair of black-and-white checkered Vans. Cop a pair here at Urban Outfitters for $45.

  • The rapper rides around in an obnoxiously small mini pedal bicycle throughout the video, which is perfect if you plan on hitting up multiple Halloween parties. If you don’t own your own mini cruiser, feel free to purchase a 24-hour pass for a Citi Bike for $10.

  • Lastly, slick back your hair with gel or pomade and stick some $20 in your pocket – now you’re officially flossin’!