Paris Hilton Drops A Solo Version Of Iconic Dance Anthem “Good Time”: Listen

Oct 11th, 2013 // 4 Comments

Love Paris Hilton‘s new single but take umbrage at Lil Wayne‘s “suck, fuck” rap? Well, now you can soothe your ears with a rap-free version of “Good Time”. There’s no word yet if this is official or just a fan-made edit but it definitely improves the song in my opinion.

You can now fully appreciate the glorious diva’s airy, Adele-lite vocals and soak up Afrojack‘s slick beats without being distracted. It also puts more focus on the poetic lyrics. “I came here just to party, oh please don’t you hate on me!” Preach, Paris! Listen to the solo anthem after the jump.

Is this version an improvement? You be the judge in the comments below.


  1. Melody

    This is dripping with sarcasm, and it’s not funny. It’s annoying.

  2. Perhaps the joke is on us.
    I’ve noticed that several readers, including myself, have been taken aback, and/or annoyed with Idolator’s seeming love affair with Paris Hilton. When I saw the headline for this article, I felt a tinge of disgust, and I had to take a deep breath. As I glanced over the article, I was no longer disgusted, but perplexed. This can’t be real, I thought. And it can’t be. I hope that what I believe I’ve realized, is in fact the truth, because otherwise there are some seriously delusional people writing for Idolator.
    Iconic dance anthem? Glorious diva?? Airy Adele-lite vocals??? Poetic lyrics???? These statements are dripping with such profound sarcasm, that they must be just that. Sarcasm. Satire. A fluff piece.
    Please let it be just that. Otherwise, Mike Wass is surely a raving lunatic.

  3. If you don’t have a true love and appreciation for pop trash, then you will never understand. The Voice Of Our Generation has returned with a fantastic dance anthem, and you just need to deal.

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