Katy Perry Brings Out The Furries For “Roar” & Dances Hard For “Walking On Air” On ‘Saturday Night Live’: Watch

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Did you hear Katy roar tonight? Oh man, America sure did: While Bruce Willis was on hosting duties, Katy Perry let the light in with some Prism promo on Saturday Night Live, turning out a performance of her #1 smash “Roar” and also delivering a solid showing of her new single “Walking On Air,” bringing all kinds of high energy.

In a miniature recreation of the music video for “Roar”, she trotted out the furries by way of a backing band and delivered a little jungle on the SNL stage, giving an additional boost to the hit single — not like the song needs it, at this point — with typically solid vocals and a lot of showmanship.

Later in the show, she offered up the first televised performance of her ’90s-referencing dance cut “Walking On Air,” rocking a white crop top and tartan schoolgirl skirt with white-clad backup dancers. As opposed to the relatively light choreography of “Roar,” her “Walking On Air” performance saw Perry getting unusually hardcore with her choreography — and she turned it out nicely, looking killer, wind machines and all.

Watch “Roar” up top, then see “Walking On Air” below.

Katy Perry – Walking On Air – SNL 10-12-13 by IdolxMuzic

  • MusicManDave

    I absolutely love this pop diva! Katy really knows how to entertain an audience. “Walking on Air” reminds me of something from the early 90′s “C&C Music Factory”

  • carlos

    So, last album she was a teenager, now she dresses like she’s 9 years old. I gess we can wait for diapers next album.

    • Yoani Veg

      I agree . She wasn´t singing in the first video (Roar). #2 at billboard hot 100 ? why? She is like the PSY (GANGNAM STYLE) OF Pop music. She sings bad.

      • Jay

        There she goes again! Wherever there’s a Katy Perry article, there’s this troll going on and on about how much she sucks.
        “She is like the PSY of pop music. She sings bad.”

        So why were you watching the video? Why are you reading the article? Why do you continue to read about her if you don’t like her? Can you answer that?

        • Trent

          Fact is Katy Perry does suck. She has a terrible voice and she is one of the worst performers Ive ever seen. She has no business being famous or making music.

  • carlos


  • Arnold

    Annie Lennox did that years ago