Katy Perry’s “Unconditionally”: Listen To Her Next ‘Prism’ Single

After the paint-by-numbers pop-rock of “Roar,” the trap-lite of “Dark Horse” and the early ’90s house of “Walking On Air,” Katy Perry‘s Prism is revealing itself to be a particularly varied set: The latest song to surface from Prism is her next single, “Unconditionally.” The song feels like a fitting return to form for Perry, a big, emotionally charged midtempo with some of the same sentiment as her best songs (like “Teenage Dream” or “Part Of Me”); there’s actual feeling here, and it’s played straight.

Produced by Dr. Luke and Cirkut, the track pulsates and throbs with crashing drums; its closest cousin is probably Ke$ha‘s great “The Harold Song,” which packed a similar punch and urgency. If it feels conventional, it’s conventional because it works so well.

Listen to the song below.

  • Cris

    mmm nothing new here…now, I am waiting for Lady Gaga’s Venus on October 25th :)

  • Sven Kiebooms

    Love this song actually. But like Chris said, nothing new. But who cares? :p

  • Anthony Gilbert Aragon

    The vocals are higher than she went in the Teenage Dream era.

  • Carlos Hoberty Alves

    Wow this is so basic. I expected more from Katy Perry! I can’t wait for Venus, it’s going to be perfect!!

  • Wilimina

    Misfire. W.O.A would have done way better.

  • aerogens

    I wouldn’t call this basic. The beginning is especially chilling. I think what makes it passable is the chorus. It’s way too predictable and the break before the final chorus climax is used so much. But this is definitely a strong song and will no doubt be on my playlist!

  • Sean

    It’s gorgeous. Simple and gorgeous.

  • Rachel Mara Shwartsman

    How do you listen to the song? It shows 0 out of 0 time. I can’t hear anything at all.