Lady Gaga’s R. Kelly Duet “Do What U Want” Previewed In Best Buy/Beats Ad: Listen

Lady Gaga enlisted a whole team of collaborators for ARTPOP, from rappers (T.I.) to DJs (Zedd) to artists outside the realm of music (Jeff Koons), but perhaps the most anticipated collab is her duet with R. Kelly, “Do What U Want.” Thanks to a new Best Buy ad for Beats, we can now hear a snippet of the powerhouse pairing. The track boasts an uptempo R&B beat that’s equally crisp and rubbery. Gaga opens the clip commanding “Do what you want, what you want with my body” using a throatier delivery that sort of resembles Christina Aguilera‘s. (Or maybe we’re just subconsciously tying it to “Your Body”? Not trying to fan the feud flames here, I swear.)

“Do What U Want” appears to have an absolute stunner of a chorus, with both singers in full-on “take us to church” mode as they sing, “You can’t have my heart / And you won’t use my mind / But do what you want with my body.” Sometimes with these high profile duets, when you combine two huge voices and personalities, they cancel each other out and the result is majorly disappointing — either it’ll be too tepid or too tryhard. But based on this teaser, Gaga and Kells seem to have struck the right balance. Hear it below.

This is the second ARTPOP track to be previewed via commercial — two weeks ago, part of “Aura” premiered in a trailer for Machete Kills, which Gaga co-stars in.

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  • goldy

    And Applause featured in a Kia commercial this summer

    • Carl Williott

      Correct! But I believe the song had already been released by the time the commercial aired.

  • Adam

    Hyped! Love the polished sound and vocals, simply amazing!

  • Cris

    Gaga is simply amazing

  • Yoani Veg

    The vocals are amazing

  • Fiona

    Lady Gaga is a Speciesist and Spiciesism sucks! You can’t be pro environment and wear furs like in her video Aura. It’s a contradiction! Wearing furs is destroying nature, wild life and the forests. Please, educate yourself about Speciesism (it came from religious/creationist traditions). Remember, Christ eating the lamb because it’s clean meat. Religion told us that animals are inferior and here to serve us because we have intelligence and a soul. Yep, in this case what about people who have low IQ (mental health) are they inferior? A soul, do you have evidence that animals don’t have a soul? Please, understand theory of Evolution, we are all species in this earth and we all must respect nature and not destroy it. Don’t let corporation like Gaga manipulate us to allow the destruction of this earth! Fight ignorance, fight speciesism as you are fighting racism, sexism and homophobia! THINK!

  • corey

    get over yourself fiona…you need meds…you likely dont seem to mind killing living vegetion which provides us oxygen for your meals…you vegetarians and vegans can be so phoney…

    • Gabe

      I can’t at how ignorant this comment is. Please, educate yourself in how much the meat industry produces pollution and various chemical wastes, then compare to the killing of living “vegetion” (oh, look, something else to be educated in!) you speak of before calling someone phony.