Future Is Back On Drake’s Tour, World’s Quickest Rap Beef Is Resolved

Drake‘s future once again includes FutureRemember all that stuff about Future shading the Canadian, and Drake subsequently booting the robo-warbler from the tour, then Future claiming the diss was the result of a Billboard misquote, then re-negotiations crumbling after Drake wanted to squeeze Future out of some money, then Future deciding to sue Drake for $1.5 million? Do you remember all that? Of course you do, it was only two days ago! But now it’s water under the bridge. Future confirmed on Twitter that he’ll be there for the first stop of Drizzy’s “Would You Like A Tour?” in Pittsburgh on October 18.

“Back in Atl getting ready for tour..1st stop Pittsburgh,” Future tweeted today, after Hot 107.9 reported yesterday that the two rappers had squashed their beef and decided to resume the tour as planned. (Miguel was presumably playing the Switzerland role during this conflict so as not to jeopardize his supporting slot.)

Head below to see Future’s full tweet.

Now that that’s resolved, Drake can get back to plotting his Kendrick Lamar ethering.

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