The Neighbourhood’s Jesse Rutherford Exposes His Penis In Explicit (NSFW) “Afraid” Video: Watch

Jesse Bares His Soul... And Body
Just when you thought it was safe to surf YouTube again without being exposed to a lesson in human anatomy, The Neighbourhood frontman Jesse Rutherford has dropped his trousers for the band’s somber “Afraid” video. But unlike fellow video nudists like Miley Cyrus, the indie-rocker lets it all hang out (keep your eyes peeled at 2:08 minutes to see what he’s working with).

It’s an interesting move for an act on the verge of exploding. The Neighbourhood’s current single “Sweater Weather” is shooting up the Billboard Hot 100 and they are selling out shows across the nation. If nothing else, it will bring some (much deserved) attention to the song, which tackles serious issues like battling with anxiety and depression over ominous, multi-layered production. Watch up top.

Um… so, nice photography? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Ross Caravati

    A little more than i needed to see but im cool with it because ther remix of this track is dope!

  • Christien

    Haha! I see how this could be weird for some. Good thing there’s a clean version!!

  • Kim

    Love the video and this band! They are completely Awesome!!! Saw them at the Coast Line Festival in Tampa right in the front row. I just wish they could of played longer. Can not wait to see the again!

  • J J

    Hung . . . yikes!

  • DanCMR

    The Neighbourhood can do no wrong. How about their VH1 Big Morning Buzz performance? Dope, right?

  • Angel

    Jesse is so hot!

  • Kelli

    It’s called artwork. Just because it is in music video form doesn’t make it less of an art form. It was beautifully done. It was intentionally done. It had purpose. There is nothing wrong or shameful about the human body and the fact that our society keeps us thinking that there is, is what I find offensive not this music video. This is art. Love it or hate but don’t be afraid of it.

  • Wendy

    Once I realized what the song was about his having no clothes on did not matter. Seeing “all” of him was not an issue. This is a very powerful video. I did not know what to expect but I’m very impressed. So many people suffer from fear/anxiety. It’s tough to conquer but it can be done. I believe this video can help people who suffer realize they’re not alone – and perhaps they can then pivot to a better place emotionally. Well done and thank you The Neighbourhood.

  • Amelie

    I hope he’s a grower and not a shower, because that was sorta disappointing.

  • Ash

    Thoroughly turned on now. Very cool video.

  • jay

    gotta love sexism in the media. when miley cyrus uses her body in a music video to show vulnerability, she’s labeled as a slut. jesse’s just considered an artist who made “an interesting move”. it’s a great video nevertheless, but the reactions are making me sick.