Cher Lloyd Calls Lorde “A Knob” For Shading Selena Gomez And Taylor Swift

Lorde sparked a major backlash when she described Taylor Swift‘s image as “unobtainable” for teenage girls and labelled Selena Gomez‘s “Come & Get It” as anti-feminist. The 16-year-old then made an apology but soon retracted it, declaring: “I don’t think I say anything that isn’t backed up.”

Selena Gomez responded to the jibes with grace but swiftly dropped “Royals” (which she had been covering) from her Stars Dance tour setlist. Well, it seems Cher Lloyd is less diplomatic. When asked about the situation, the Brit had some choice words for Lorde. “What a knob. Why would she do that? She’s sitting at number one.”

“I think she’s going to eat her words,” the “I Wish” diva continued. “I think for someone who’s gaining so much success so early, she should be considering herself lucky.” Cher then mused how she would respond if Lorde criticized her and said: “If she said something about me, it’d be a different story… I probably would have used foul language.”

Do you think Cher has a point or should she mind her own business? Have your say in the comments below.

[Via J-14].

  • Jay

    Why do people care so much about what Lorde said? People say so much about other artists these days anyway, why does it even matter? Even on this website where users call Miley Cyrus trash, a whore, talentless, etc. The same goes for artists like Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj…there are some many people who ridicule them. Why are people getting so bent out of shape about her comments when people do it all the time? She had a valid point and she has her opinions much like everyone else. People just look like hypocrites. They act like they’ve never said anything remotely negative.

  • aerogens

    LOL what a class act. I wouldn’t even call what Lorde said “shade.” It was a critique without any actual malice unlike the statement “what a knob.” I’m surprised people even listen to this auto-tuned mess called Cher. (Now that’d shade.)

  • TayObsessed13

    Thanks Cher, for defending Tay. Tay is more fab than all of you will ever be.

  • iik

    I think Lorde is right about come an get it.

  • cest_moi

    Everyone has an opinion. Nothing can really be considered as wrong anymore anyways.