Katy Perry’s ‘Prism’: Stream The Transcendental Pop Experience

How do you follow a zeitgeist-capturing pop album that spawned six number one hits? If you’re Katy Perry, you expand your musical horizons and blend genres like a mad scientist. As a result, Prism is a roller-coaster ride that lacks the focus and ruthless commercial nous of Teenage Dream but more than makes up for it with quirky musical cocktails (trap-pop, anyone?) and sunny charm.

The LP’s lead single “Roar” and dual buzz tracks (“Dark Horse” and “Walking On Air”) give you a taste of Prism‘s eclectic sound-palette. There are lashings of radio-ready pop (beautiful ballad “Unconditionally” and the toe-tapping “Love Me”) but Prism is at its best when Katy takes chances. “This Is How We Do” is a joyous ’90s throwback, “Ghost” layers synths over a rock ballad and “Legendary Lovers” would be tailor-made for a yoga studio if it wasn’t so infuriatingly catchy.

Speaking of yoga, a new-age theme runs through many of the songs. Katy frequently sings about spirituality and enlightenment to reflect her current state of romantic bliss but there’s still enough darkness for KatyCats craving One Of The Boys part 2. Listen to blockbuster album after the jump.

Does Prism surpass Teenage Dream? Have your say in the comments below.

[Via Just Jared].

  • Wilimina


  • Adam

    Top tracks in my opinion: ‘Legendary Lovers’, ‘Birthday’, and maybe ‘Spiritual’ and ‘Dark Horse’.
    I was looking forward to a power ballad, the type of One of the Boys’ ‘Thinking Of You’ and Teenage Dream’s ‘The One That Got Away’…

    • Sean

      Unconditionally is definitely a power ballad.

  • Adam

    But now I get the whole Prism concept, the “let in the light” thing.

  • Norb Peti

    It honestly is the PERFECT pop album!

  • buylotusonitunesnow

    Its certainly a stronger album overall than Teenage Dream, but its definitely not as commercial.

  • ptizzy

    “Double Rainbow” needs to be the third single.

    This is a perfect pop album! Love it!

  • Sean

    She’s definitely more adventurous on this album. Textures, sounds, lyrics, personality. Not LOVING the album but it’s SOLID. Lot’s of heart on this one.

    Many, many, many potential singles:
    Birthday, Dark Horse, Legendary Lovers, This Is How We Do, Walking On Air…

    Just hoping she keeps her videos and performances exciting and she continues to evolve.

  • si

    i wouldnt be able to say its better but its definitely a beautiful next step up, its on a diffferent level. its like it couldnt replace teenage dream, but its like definitely what i woulda wanted to hear from here