Lady Gaga Reveals (Her Ass For) Her “Do What U Want” Single Artwork

Lady Gaga takes her lyrics to heart in her just-revealed “Do What U Want” single artwork. She faces a wall, arches her back and thrusts her ass toward the camera, while wearing nothing but a thong — and with nary a David Bowie reference in sight .

“Do What U Want” features provocative R&B singer R. Kelly and inspires the ARTPOP star to lay down some explicit ground rules: “You can’t have my heart / And you won’t use my mind / But do what you want with my body.” Based on a snippet revealed October 17, the two seemed to have struck a remarkable compromise between both of their respective, musical worlds — or, as Gaga said in a Twitter Q&A, “everything relates through joy.”

Gaga also reveals that “Do What U Want” will debut October 21 at 12:01 a.m., but not as her second ARTPOP single as the artwork reveal may imply — that would be “Venus,” which drops October 27.

  • buylotusonitunesnow

    Yassssssss Gaga

  • Jay

    That’s gross, I’m sorry. It’s bad enough we have to deal with Miley Cyrus always being half-to-near naked. This is just as low.
    Let me guess everyone’s going to say this is “art.”

  • Shanghaikid43

    When did people becomes such prudes? Pop stars have been taking their clothes off for decades, Gaga has been doing it since she started. Why is anyone surprised?

    Besides, that ass is on point.

  • Rempo

    Thats HOT Gaga, nice ass

  • peter

    I’m just sick of the double standard BS that females get away with. they dress like hookers but want to be respected as ladies..u can look but don’t get caught or ur a creep and/or a perv but if u don’t look then ur a fag. i’m sure I’ll get some emasculated man to retort but I’m just saying. They want to be in a man’s world n when things don’t work out…they cry! I love chix just tired of the roller coaster ride!