Katy Perry Unveils Stark “Unconditionally” Lyric Video: Watch

No Fear Now
Katy Perry reinforces her more mature aim with Prism in her new “Unconditionally” lyric video. Directed by Aya Tanimura, the stark black-and-white clip veers in the opposite direction that Perry took for the emoji-filled “Roar” lyric video. It stars two models: One, Janell Shirtcliff, passionately sings the lyrics, while the other, Erika Linder, stares blankly ahead — as if unable to process Perry’s promise at the hook.

“Where can you go from being a cartoon character?” Perry has said. “You may have to go the other way.” As early promos showed, she wanted to “kill” off the Teenage Dream image and instead show that she isn’t afraid to bare herself in ways besides being nude behind wispy, cotton-candy clouds

The”Unconditionally” lyric video boldly reminds viewers of that goal, too. As the androgynous Linder (who models both male and female fashion) looks to the camera, she reminds the viewer that while Perry wrote with her own personal life in mind, she also writes in ways that should resonate with everyone.

Watch the lyric video up top.

  • MusicSoul

    That was pretty impressive. The artistry was simple, pure, and somewhat intense. That should just be the music video.

    Anyhow, this is one way to be naked and express an art (*ahem* Miley Cyrus). Even that Neighbourhood’s “Afraid” video is another form of art with the nudity in it.

  • Dee

    Her name is Erika Linder, not Lander!

    • Christina Lee

      My mistake, thank you!

  • Yoani Veg

    lesbian girls? boring

    • Grace

      and that my friends is what we call a homophobic in denial.

  • alien dreams

    WHY? WHY do we make LOVE sooo hard? Stop playing games. Stop making new rules. Just stop making life a challenge! Just let ‘love’ be…