Watch Katy Perry Perform “Roar” On ‘The X Factor UK’

katy perry roar x factor
She's Got The Ears Of A...
We’ve got one more Katy Perry morsel to hold everyone over before Prism drops tomorrow! The star performed her album’s lead smash “Roar” on The X Factor UK Sunday night (October 20), because Americans aren’t the only ones buying her music, after all. Perry celebrated Halloween a few weeks early, dressed as a sexy tiger, surrounded by a bunch of masked businessmen. Except, wait, they aren’t businessmen at all! We’re not really sure what it all means, but it was visually striking nonetheless.

Just Jared points out that Perry’s performance took place after spending a day in London with her boyfriend John Mayer, who was also performed in London last night, at the O2 Arena for his Born And Raised tour. Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?

  • Clay

    The only thing missing here is her wind machine from that legendary SNL performance of Walking On Air. Seriously though, she nailed this. She sounds better than ever these days, and even when there’s a backing track she just ROARS right over it. *pardon the obligatory lyric pun* I don’t know where or how Katy found the light, but I’m glad she did and I can’t wait to pick up PRISM tomorrow!