M.I.A.’s “Y.A.L.A.”: Hear The Spiritual Banger

Last week we heard 90 seconds of M.I.A.’s frenetic “Y.A.L.A.,” and today (October 21) the full Matangi track has hit the Web. It’s another bombastic entry in the collection of songs we’ve heard from her forthcoming album thus far, pairing bass-heavy dancehall rhythms with elastic synths, as Maya spends most of the song doing some hybrid rap-whining-singing thing. (It sounds better than the description.)

The whole chaotic track takes a detour at the end by finishing on an earnest, spiritual note, replacing the “You Only Live Once” credo of YOLO with her karmic “You Always Live Again” reinterpretation. Check it out below.

Matangi drops November 5.

[via Rap-Up]