Lady Gaga Teases A Snippet Of ‘ARTPOP’ Title Track: Listen

It's Art + Pop
Lady Gaga remains a complete enigma. One minute she’s dropping an exceptional R&B anthem, the next she’s teasing an infuriatingly obtuse synth-track that will be lapped up by Little Monsters but annoy pretty much everyone else.

“ARTPOP” makes a statement on the subjectivity of art (I think) over a sparse electronic beat. “My artpop could mean anything,” Mother Monster dictates before singing: “we could, we could belong together artpop, artpop” in the chorus.

This is Lady Gaga at her most ingenious or pretentious — depending on where you stand. Listen to a snippet of the track up top and decide for yourself. Bless the “Applause”-loving diva for keeping pop interesting. 

Love it or hate it? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Shanghaikid43

    Considering that it is the title track, and that ART is literally in the title, why are surprised its a little pretentious?

    I would say that releasing an R&B track the day before gives her a little freedom to do something more unusual.

    This was one of my favorite tracks from Swinefest, and I’m already in love with this studio version.

  • Rempo

    This is perfect

  • Jack

    This is very exciting. Sure the lyrics might be a little pretentious, but at least they’re not awkward (ahem, Aura). The pre-chorus is so disco, and the chorus is triumphant. That repetitive synth underlining the beat is hypnotic. The overall production doesn’t sound like anything we’ve heard from Gaga.

    It’s fresh. I’m down.

  • Yaya34

    I really dig this laidback track. It probably won’t be a single however its still good. Artpop (the album) appears to have a diverse sound with a little something for everyone to enjoy. It really highlights GaGa’s ability to tap into different genres effortlessly and in the end it really defines her as a artist. Not beholden to any one sound, like the lyrics in this song she “can be anything”.

  • andreea moldovan

    i FELL In love with this from SWINEFEST…now it was a surprise hearing the studio version…All i want is that album to come out, to stay alone in peace , and listening all the songs…Me, Gaga and ARtpop

  • Robert Michael Ranneberger

    This… turned up very loud on dope speakers… extremely, genuinely, exciting if you appreciate her advancement of pop as a truly creative and dynamic genre… what fun it used to be, and how Gaga obviously understands that. The production on this entire album is crystal clear and complexly layered. Each song and snippet released has taken this album from beyond promising to impossible to ignore as legit for pop music (and music) fans.

  • MusicManDave

    Amazing title track! This is Artpop at best. GaGa really knows how to create a diverse sound and wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes a single.

  • Laurie

    To say Gaga is pretentious is an understatement. But also nothing new and something we all love about her. She’s allowed to think anything she wants about her own music as it’s her own music!
    This incredibly spacey and euphoric track employs all her faculties into one 4 minute track about how she adores art and believes it can blend perfectly into pop music. This song is about art on ever level, the lyrics will be about just that! Ok yes it’s pretentious, but that doesn’t matter at all!

  • calin

    Now were talking, finally what i been waiting for, fresh, great beats, love it.

  • drew

    Gives me chills. GaGa doesn’t answer to anyone but the Little Monsters. Bringing in a new era, and I’m on board.

  • Akyl Callaghan

    Satan is good at creating music….I can’t control myself not to listen….