Erik Hassle Kicks Off His Comeback With “Talk About It”: Listen

You could make a solid case that the greatest pop injustice of the last several years was the failure to launch of Erik Hassle with his debut album back in 2009: Featuring the still-amazing lead single “Hurtful,” Hassle’s ironclad hooks, heart-crushingly emotive vocals and glorious pop-rock production made him a blog favorite — but alas, mainstream radio success wasn’t in the cards for the Swedish crooner.

Still! Hassle’s back after two years growing up and finding himself in Stockholm, and he’s aligned nicely with the sound of the times on his new single “Talk About It”: A spare, skittering beat and eerie, spaced-out production lead into a soaring pop chorus; it could almost be a Drake song. But still, it’s straight Nordic heartbreak when Hassle sings, “You fucked me up inside” about halfway through the song. 

Now signed to RCA Records in the United States, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if stateside stardom (he’s already well-known in his native Sweden) is just around the corner.

Listen to “Talk About It” below.

[via Pigeons & Planes]