Tori Kelly Makes A Big Splash With “Dear No One”: Download It (For Free)

If you’ve been sleeping on California songbird Tori Kelly, sleep no more: The YouTube cover queen-turned-legit chanteuse has released her best song to date with lead single “Dear No One,” the first taken from her Foreword EP (which just dropped) — and due to a recent signing with uber-manager Scooter Braun, expect more great things coming down the pike. Better still: “Dear No One” is the free single of the week on iTunes, leaving listeners with discriminating sonic palates no choice but to download, which works out quite nicely for everyone involved.

“Dear No One” arrives now as a retooled version of a track by the same name she released in 2011, and there’s a good reason she’s still plugging it two years later — it’s a great song in its DNA. Bolstered by a skittering snare and Kelly’s gorgeously airy vocal performance — she evokes JoJo more than anyone else, and remains similarly underrated — “Dear No One” could easily make a “The Way”-style crossover now that Braun is backing it. Expect great things. Lots of them. 

Listen below, then head over to iTunes to download the song.