Katy Perry’s ‘Prism’ Headed To Number One With 270,000+ First Week Sales Tally

The good news for Katy Perry? Prism, as expected, is headed straight to number one on the Billboard Hot 200. According to predictions, the enlightening LP is set to sell between 270,000 and 290,000 copies in its first week. That figure could well increase (or fall) but mid-week numbers usually give a fairly accurate indication of the final tally.

It’s hard to tell if those numbers are a roaring (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) success or minor disappointment. On the one hand, they represent a huge improvement on Teenage Dream‘s opening week, which netted 192,000 sales, and should be enough to overtake Miley Cyrus as the best first-week figure for a female artist in 2013.

On the other hand, the enormous success of “Roar” and the iTunes domination of buzz singles “Dark Horse” and “Walking On Air” hinted at a blockbuster debut. There are plenty of potential singles on Prism, so perhaps it will follow in the footsteps of Teenage Dream and become a slow burn mega-seller.

Is an opening bow of 270,000 — 290,000 copies sold a good start for Katy? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • Sean

    Honestly, those are SOLID numbers for a female pop artist in 2013. Higher than anything Rihanna has ever put out. The only artists who are doing bigger numbers are either more seasoned artists who’ve been around since before the digital era (Beyonce, Justin Timberlake), crossover artists (Taylor Swift, Adele) or hip hop artists (Drake, Kanye, Jay Z).

    In fact, she’s due to equal numbers achieved by pop veterans, Britney Spears (276k) and P!nk (280k).

    I’d say it should be easy to call this a successful debut. And much like Teenage Dream, I expect this to be a long, successful album rollout. I’m sure sales will be steady.

    • tamsa

      really, you had to bring Rihanna into this convo, whatever hater. . . . anyway, yes please knock that gross skank miley down a peg!

  • Jay

    While this isn’t a terrible debut, it does seem a bit of a disappointment considering how much “Teenage Dream” ended up (and is still) selling. “Dream” started out slow but sold steadily for two years thanks to the strength of its singles, sadly “PRISM” (in my opinion) seems to be lacking singles that are as good as “Teenage Dream,” “E.T.” “The One That Got Away,” etc. People have already heard the strongest songs on “PRISM,” which are “Walking on Air,” “Dark Horse,” and of course “Roar,” so what does she have left? The bulk of the album sounds mostly like fillers….but I guess we’ll see in the coming weeks and months how the album ends up doing.

  • Gary

    Have to admit 200,000+ is fairly impressive however after coming off teenage dream it’s definitely disappointing, I thought a 400,000 debut was pretty much guaranteed but I guess as a pop star overall there are a lot more interesting ones out there. Everyone was saying Lady Gaga was over etc but pre orders on her latest album have her first week sales looking at 500,000 copies at least, I guess it proves katy perry isnt really an album artist.

  • Greg Brent

    I would say selling that many copies of PRISM was a huge success for Katy Perry. So many people buy and download singles and if you listen to PRISM….it has so many good songs that are radio-friendly….she will be selling tons of singles as they are released as singles. The album figures to stay on the charts for at least a year if not longer. If you listen closely to each song, you can almost picture a spectacular concert show coming from the new queen of pop, Katy Perry. The more you listen to the album, the more you will appreciate and like each song.

  • Mike Galacos

    Billboard just reported that Capitol (Katy’s Label) projected 450K, so these numbers are very disappointing to say the least. Even with the media saturation (ClearChannel radio deals / heavily syndicated Walmart / Target commercials / discounts in top retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart) she couldn’t pull expected numbers. Unfortunately for Perry, it seems that her pop domination is a smoke and mirrors game.