Some Noteworthy Things We Learned About Katy Perry During Last Night’s ‘Prism’ Q&A

Katy Perry‘s new album Prism is out and climbing the charts — and to celebrate the record’s release, the roarin’ chanteuse took to Twitter to engage with her fanatical fanbase and answer a few burning questions for them. Ranging from the personal and spiritual to the musical, she revealed the fate of the once-much anticipated track “Bad Photographs,” her songwriting process and the origins of her inspiration.

As for the Prism tour, her response to one fan was particularly mysterious — but it’s all looking pretty promising for the songbird. Check her most intriguing responses below.

1. All that letting the light in aside, the hotly tipped song “Bad Photographs” just wasn’t as good as the other songs. So much for that. 

2. She wrote “This Moment” in a single day. (That might explain why it’s not very good.)

3. “Dark Horse” was inspired by The Craft, which is actually super awesome.

4. It’s lyrically dense and vulnerable — so how about that?

5. She’s teasing something mysterious for the Prism tour.