Pharrell Talks Beyonce’s New Album, Calls It “Crazy” And “Almost Done”

Beyonce‘s fifth album is the holy grail of popular music. Everyone wants to get their hands on it but none of us are sure if it even exists. Which makes any scrap of information about the project entirely fascinating. In an interview with Billboard, Pharrell copped to hearing it and — you might need to sit down — promised that it’s “almost done”.

“B’s album is crazy,” the producer declares. He then tries to explain the delay. “Let me tell you what it is. She’s very particular. She’s a Virgo. And she’s not going to put it out until it’s ready and feels like it’s right to her. She’s got a very specific taste. I guess that’s the reason she’s Beyonce.”

Fair enough. Beysus will resurrect R&B when she’s good and ready. Happily, Pharrell is convinced album number five will be worth the wait. “[Other people are hearing her album] and are like ‘Whoa!’ And she’s like, ‘yeah, I’m almost done.'” Almost as an afterthought he adds: “She’s the queen.”

Does this news make you more excited or more frustrated? Have your say in the comments below.

[Via Billboard].

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