Geri Halliwell Returns With “Half Of Me”: Listen To The Studio Version Of Her Comeback Track

After a string of terrible Spice comebacks (I’m looking at you Mel C and Mel B), Geri Halliwell restores some much needed girl power pride by dropping the legitimately great “Half Of Me”. Produced by Australian hitmakers DNA, the quirky mid-tempo pop song captures the ginger diva’s bawdy humor and undeniable charm with flair and originality.

“Half Of Me” was released in Australia today (October 24). The song sounded great live when Geri debuted it on a television show but the studio version is even better. It’s a throwback to the 41-year-old’s early ’00s glory days in the best possible way. There are lashings of brass, cheeky lyrics and a soaring chorus that wouldn’t sound out of place on her solo debut. Which is a big compliment. Listen after the jump.

Will you be adding “Half Of Me” to your Spice collection? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Pablo

    Geri is great

  • Karen

    Love the song! Geri is amazing :)

  • pfffff

    It’s awful!! And how can you shade Melanie C’s solo career? You know nothing about music actually :/

  • chris

    Love me some Geri :)

  • Luke S

    it’s not bad. not her best neither though.

  • Cho Roberts

    terrible Spice comeback? Mel c? Loving you #14, isn’t heavy #1, stages album #50, the sea album #49 uk, #29 digital, #6 indie, #13 swiss, #13 germany, Rock me #38, think about it #13 indie uk #94 uk #30 swiss # 35 aus tria…. jesus christ superstar arena tour sold out in UK AND AUSTRALIA….. half of me #750 estonia… PLEASEEEEEEEE