Ke$ha Finally Addresses Fan Petition To Free Her From Dr. Luke, Wants More Creative Control

Oct 25th, 2013 // 4 Comments

Ke$ha‘s Animals have been making a lot of noise online about their icon’s perceived debt of servitude to Dr. Luke. They argue that the producer controls Lady Dolla “like a puppet” and memorably started a petition to free her from his steely grasp. It seemed like a well-intentioned if somewhat misguided response to a string of underperforming singles but the penis-loving diva has given the initiative her support in an interview with Rolling Stone.

When asked about the petition, K$ acknowledged seeing it and, for someone who talks openly about their haunted vagina, gave a fairly measured explanation. “I feel like my fans are really protective of me,” she told the music bible. “They just want to see me grow as an artist, which I agree with. Hopefully in the future, I’ll be in a position where I can put out a ballad or a more vulnerable song.”

She has a point. The standout tracks on her criminally underrated Warrior album were the rock experiments (“Dirty Love”) and heartfelt mid-tempo ballads (“Last Goodbye” could be her best song yet). “What’s been put out as singles have just perpetuated a particular image that may or may not be entirely accurate,” Ke$ha explained further. “I’d like to show the world other sides of my personality. I don’t want to just continue putting out the same song and becoming a parody myself.”

The worrying thing about these statements — apart from the obvious fact that she’s obviously unhappy with the way her label is presenting her to the public — is the lack of clarity about whether she’s just pissed with the singles being released or the music she’s recording in general. If it’s the latter, how are diehard fans (like myself) supposed to get on board with (excellent) material like “Timber”, when we’re not even sure if she wanted to sing it in the first place?

How do you feel about Ke$ha’s confession that she has no creative control? Have your say in the comments below.

[Via Rolling Stone].


  1. GC

    Kesha is 100% behind Timber. She told MTV “I’m really loving ‘Timber’ because it’s dance-y, it makes people move, but you also kind of hear that I can yodel, which is weird. I don’t think people knew I could do that. My mom wrote country music, and I grew up in Nashville and I love country music, so I definitely think there’s a way to mush a little country and blues into a little rock and roll, because that’s my other favorite kind of music: c*ck rock. So, we’ll see. Something interesting will happen, I’m sure.”

    She’s been promoting it a lot on Twitter. She also put a very funny video on her YouTube channel called “1st Time Hearing TIMBER on the radio!!” where she’s very excited to hear it and she dances to it.

    We know a lot of songs she loved were rejected during the recording of Warrior. I don’t know if that means she dislikes some of the songs she had to record. But most of the songs sound like the kind of stuff she would want anyway. Other than expressing a dislike for having the words “die young” in a song, she’s never put down her own material. And she was clearly uncomfortable with the title in a couple of interviews I saw not long before it was released. After Sandy Hook, it’s obvious that she was right to be concerned. But I think her issue is more how she’s been presented to the public with singles and I’ve read comments from her from 2011 where she was kind of suggesting that her singles made her seem one dimensional.

  2. Thump

    Exactly what I was thinking, Mike – I adore ‘Warrior’ but I wonder how much of it she genuinely wanted to record, vs what the label wanted her to put on it. Am I rocking out to stuff she was forced to sing?

    Will be seeing her live tonight, though, so excited! Can’t wait to see that unicorn rainbow hair in the flesh!

  3. Anon

    She wears garbage bags, drinks her piss, and makes jewelry out of human teeth. That’s all I’m sayin.

    • Joanne

      This is a completely irrelevant and useless comment. Are you trying to suggest she’s can’t be a great artist because she does crazy stuff? Mick Jagger was a womanizer and drug addict. Jimi Hendrix had drug problems and engaged in domestic violence. Would you suggest they weren’t great artists? Crazy behavior is hardly unusual within and even outside the music industry. Ke$ha is pretty harmless in comparison to many other celebrities.

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