Lady Gaga’s “Venus”: Hear The Second Snippet Of The ‘ARTPOP’ Track

Lady Gaga continues to tease her new song “Venus,” this time with a snippet that raises the stakes. “I wrote 4 hooks for Venus. The snippet is of the first two before the true chorus,” she says. “The rise before the orgasm.”

As true to her aims, she amplifies her pleas. While she sounded coy in her debut snippet, delivering what sounded like her own version of hashtag rap — yes, the punchline is “Venus,” every time — Lady Gaga swoons in the second preview. “I can’t help the way I’m feeling / Goddess of love, just take me to your Venus / I can’t help, I’ll keep on dancing, goddess of love, goddess of love.”

So by the time she repeats, “Take me to your Venus, your Venus, your Venus” — well, the stakes seem awfully clear. (A triple entendre, even?)

Earlier this week, Lady Gaga bought herself more time to tease out “Venus” when she decided that “Do What U Want,” her terrific duet with R&B provocateur R. Kelly would be her second ARTPOP single instead. As a result, the full version of “Venus” will debut on YouTube at 7 a.m. EST on October 27 and on iTunes the next day. Until then, hear Gaga’s second snippet after the jump.

Lady Gaga, “Venus” (second snippet)


  • Melody

    Sonically, this is shaping up to be an outstanding record.

  • blaackeagle

    TBH, I don’t truly like anything from Gaga’s Artpop except Aura. Where’s her musical vocals? She has put too much electro arrangement on her voice. I watched her iTunes Festival, listened to all of her snippets – nothing worth to compare with BTW songs. I don’t understand the message of the entire album – this is simple pop presented by the ‘art’ figures like swine, Venus, herself, fashion icon etc etc. I know she can do better and more.
    I expected huge and high vocals. I know the overall impression is about to happen after 11.11.13. By now, hey, Gaga you say it’s artpop? What does artpop mean to be honest? The music you create? It’s pop. And ‘Artpop’ is something you try to deliver. Born This Way presents the art of pop music but not these noisy autotuned snippets. Kinda disappointed.

    • Lanessa Lewis

      I agree ok I’m far from being a lady gaga hater but the songs I expected her voice which half of them dosen’t even sound like her . It’s been edited way to much her voice is barley there it’s all this effects I expected her real voice in there a lot more from her even though she worked a lot on it I still think it would be better if it didn’t have all that electric stuff and effects with her voice she could have made it better

    • Kyle

      Disagree. I feel like she’s departing from typical pop vocals here. Do you remember how she got herself into trouble with BTW? White folks shouldn’t throw around chola and orient as legitimate descriptors of ethnicity. She almost got herself into more trouble with “Burqa / Aura”…she’s a white lady and she doesn’t practice Islam. They are deliberately avoiding political stances because political and religious messages will divide her fan base. Lyrically non-controversial this time around, like the Fame. Sex and drugs will always sell.

    • Melody

      I know like what?? Replay the snippet above.. Her vocals are huge and powerful and just as Gaga as they’ve ever been.

  • Yoani Veg

    Sounds great . I think DWYW is better that maybe 12 songs of the new album of Katy P.

    • blaackeagle

      Ha, don’t make me laugh. ‘Unconditionally’ is worth anything form electro bunch of Artpop. I’m not even saying about ‘Legendary Lovers’. So if you compare, then get this!

      • Yoani Veg

        The A.V. ClubOct 22, 2013
        As a whole, Prism is forgettable. It’s neither good nor bad, and it’s not inspirational enough to set anyone on fire who’s not already an 11-year-old girl, closeted teen boy, or existing Perry fanatic.

        • Yoani Veg

          Rolling StoneOct 16, 2013
          Perry has always done a great job of letting us know she’s in on the joke of pop stardom. Sadly, she doesn’t always bring that same sense of humor and self-awareness to the joke of pop-star introspection. The album’s raft of ripe-lotus ballads is larded with Alanis-ian poesy she can’t pull off.

      • Yoani Veg

        SpinOct 22, 2013
        This is a pivot, this record, and a shrewd one, but “shrewd” and “boring” are not mutually exclusive.

        • Yoani Veg

          more Prism review : The Independent on Sunday (UK)Oct 21, 2013 Self-help and sauce remain the remit, which might have been less tiring if “Roar”, “Walking on Air” and “This Moment” offered forms fresher than, respectively, the robo-stutter of Rihanna’s “Umbrella”, weary Italo-house pianos and strenuous stadium bluster to enliven their empowerment-speak.

          • blaackeagle

            Poor little monster – you’re one of those angry and jealous little monsters)))) I’ve read all of it – it’s their opinion, and I’ve got mine. So what?! IF VENUS WASN’T SO BAD YOU WOULDN’T MAKE COMPARISONS. All you need is to GROW, sweetie)))

  • Little Monster

    Well, she’s been working really hard to complete her album, missed an event or two that she could have attended (referring to whatever event was held for the Machete Kills movie she will be in), just to keep working at it. Although I do wish we could hear more of just her on a piano, it seems ARTPOP will be lots of electropop or whatever. Though I also enjoy that very much thus far, it does seem her impressive talents can’t shine through to everyone (unless everyone on Earth YouTubed an acoustic performance of hers.).

  • Yoani Veg