Lady Gaga’s “Venus”: Hear The Second Snippet Of The ‘ARTPOP’ Track

Lady Gaga continues to tease her new song “Venus,” this time with a snippet that raises the stakes. “I wrote 4 hooks for Venus. The snippet is of the first two before the true chorus,” she says. “The rise before the orgasm.”

As true to her aims, she amplifies her pleas. While she sounded coy in her debut snippet, delivering what sounded like her own version of hashtag rap — yes, the punchline is “Venus,” every time — Lady Gaga swoons in the second preview. “I can’t help the way I’m feeling / Goddess of love, just take me to your Venus / I can’t help, I’ll keep on dancing, goddess of love, goddess of love.”

So by the time she repeats, “Take me to your Venus, your Venus, your Venus” — well, the stakes seem awfully clear. (A triple entendre, even?)

Earlier this week, Lady Gaga bought herself more time to tease out “Venus” when she decided that “Do What U Want,” her terrific duet with R&B provocateur R. Kelly would be her second ARTPOP single instead. As a result, the full version of “Venus” will debut on YouTube at 7 a.m. EST on October 27 and on iTunes the next day. Until then, hear Gaga’s second snippet after the jump.

Lady Gaga, “Venus” (second snippet)