Lady Gaga’s “Venus” Has (Finally) Arrived: Listen

Lady Gaga has teased her new song “Venus” for a few weeks, by urging fans to get it trending on Twitter, revealing some of its lyrics and unveiling snippets previewing just one of four (!) hooks. In comparison to her campaign, “Venus” doesn’t waste a single moment dealing with subtlety or nuances of any kind.

“Venus” swings like a pendulum from one emotional extreme to another, from its deadpan hashtag rap (“Aphrodite lady, seashell bikini / garden panty / #VENUS”) to its glittering dance balladry (“I can’t help the way I’m feeling / goddess of love, just take me to your Venus”). In another “hook,” she belts out demands to be abducted in true sci-fi (or, well, Newsboys) style: “Take me to your planet, take me to your planet, take me to your Venus, your Venus, your Venus.”

Oh, and she actually sings this: “Uranus / don’t you know my ass is famous?”

“Venus” is out on iTunes on October 28. For now, hear its VEVO stream after the jump.


    This is perfection! Queen Gaga

  • Adam

    Gorgeous production (she even produced it herself!), love it!
    Also love the aesthetic of alien she’s sporting lately, to accompany the ‘Venus’ release.

  • Manu Henry Ramirez Arenas

    is amazing .. love pop pop pop !!!

  • Biggermonster

    Likely her worst song ever. DWYW is so much better

  • Rempo


  • DylanB

    I’m so thrilled by this song :D
    It’s everything that made me fall in love with Lady Gaga to begin with.. It’s EPIC, innovative, creative, weird, even spooky. It’s ahead of it’s time, yet simultaneously gives off this disco psychedelic classic stadium rock Queen vibe. I love it.. I’m sure the video will not disappoint. I’m stoked.

    • Redondo Beachgirl

      i heard the “rocket #9 take off to the planet venus” song last year (the zombie zombie version)…. and i really liked it. this has taken that to a new level, but what i don’t get is why she’s not writing songs herself anymore.

      • Zachary Mousseau

        She actually writes the majority of every track she’s released, co-wrote at the very least.

  • XadaX

    Unoriginal Zombie Zombie – Rocket #9. Monsters are clueless

    • Robert Michael Ranneberger

      It’s actually Sun Ra’s “Rocket #9″ she is borrowing from in this song, and Sun Ra is CREDITED as one of the composers AND writers of “Venus.” No stealing here, just one artist loving another’s work. Good lord, get over it. I keep reading this crap all over the net from people who have not done their research. Having said that, the song is fabulous.

      • XadaX

        Still its not original. Monsters are still clueless. The point of taking samples is that you make it your own but instead the output just felt the same (& lazy). Same goes to Aura.

      • XadaX

        LOL @ using the word ‘research’. You need some MDNA

        • Yoani Veg

          and you need a brain . Do you remember Infected Mushroom ?
          Yes, yes, they are friends now . The same is with this guys from Zombie Zombie. hahahaa

          • XadaX


          • Robert Michael Ranneberger

            Clearly you are trolling… so have fun! MDNA… really? Does every review of a Gaga or Madonna single/record/album have to end up with a string of trolling, miserable critics who can’t possibly like both of them as artists in their own right? I just don’t get it. I like music of all kinds… I don’t get the negativity amongst different artists’ fandom. It’s silly. I liked MDNA… and I am sure I will like ARTPOP, from what I’ve heard so far. But, haters gonna hate!

          • XadaX

            Again, the point of taking samples is that you make it your own but instead the output just felt the same (& lazy). Same goes to Aura.

    • drod1496

      Some Monsters are aware that she samples that song and also aware that she credits Sun Ra in ‘Venus’

  • Szasz Karol

    “Take me to your planet, take me to your planet, take me to your Venus, your Venus, your Venus.”
    awesome song!!!

  • buylotusonitunesnow

    Thank Christ this isn’t the single.

    • XadaX


  • Yaya34

    This song is really fun. The snippets didnt do it justice. I do think she made the right call making ‘Do What U Want ‘ her 2nd single because it has more crossover appeal on radio and its a distinct sound for her to do a more RnB/Pop record. Aside from that I really wish the Madonna stans would give it up their beefs on the blog is getting old. You obviosly don’t know Madonna. She is first and foremost a business woman, so she knew creating a ‘beef’ with GaGa would help her gay boys come out and buy her album. In the end, the only one who was getting played were all of you cause I certainly don’t see you guys talking up MDNA on these blogs. In fact, I can’t even remember a song on that album that blew up on radio. Second, everyone samples, ‘Express Yourself” was a sampled song from a Motown record and ‘Human Nature’ was also a sample from an old hip hop record.

    • Yaya34

      *My apologies for any grammatical errors*

    • calin

      Creating a beef with gaga would increase her recod sales, what the fcuk are you smoking? You are the one bringing Madonna’s name here you silly monster!!

  • Yoani Veg

    “Venus,” which was pushed to not-really-a-single-status following the runaway success of promo-single-turned-actual-single “Do What U Want (feat. R. Kelly)” (DURRWHACHURAH WIMMAH BAHHHHDAY) is all of the things.

    It’s sort of like if “Judas” was sent into space in 1974, did some LSD in a gay bar on Mars and then came back to tell the tale.

    The track was produced by Gagaloo herself in betwixt fancy gentleman mustache shopping, with songwriting assistance by DJ White Shadow, Madeon, Dino Zisis and Nick Monson.

    Like everything Gaga’s ever done, the song’s a scavenger hunt of references to the past: The first line is an interpolation of jazz artist Sun Ra‘s “Rocket Number Nine Take Off for the Planet Venus.” (Don’t worry, he’s credited. Express yourself, Sun Ra!) The delivery style, like those “Applause” verses, is very much David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust. And the structure of the verses is sort of like Bananarama‘s own “Venus.”

    The lyricism is truly next level — at least for true lovers of texting lyrics via emoji: “Aphrodite lady seashell bikini / garden panty.”

    The production’s tight (thanks Gaga), and the beats sound sick. But it’s all about them intergalactic earworm hooks. There are 4 hooks in the song, so sayeth Sister Swine: There’s the aforementioned Bananarama-y verses. There’s that moment where the beat drops out, serving that early ’90′s club euphoria (“I can’t help the way I’m feeling / Goddess of love, please take me to your leader!”). There’s the stomping martian build-up (“Take me to your planet! Take me to your Venus!”

    Venus is a banger !

    • blaackeagle

      Poor little monster – you’re one of those angry and jealous little monsters)))) I’ve read all of it – it’s their opinion, and I’ve got mine. So what?! IF VENUS WASN’T SO BAD YOU WOULDN’T MAKE COMPARISONS. All you need is to GROW, sweetie)))

    • mike

      Are you seriously promoting your own blog here?

  • blaackeagle

    Venus is not genius. It’s electo autotuned passing by song. There’s no art. Elton John is right – Gaga doesn’t need all these technique innovations to prove she is able to create music. It disappoints after her promising tweets.


    Of course she doesn’t need the the “technique innovations” behind her to prove she’s a great musician, but this is the kind of artist she is and has been from the beginning.

    I love the song. it’s everything I love about CrazyGa. Space-pop, disco-y, gaudy, manic, theatrical… I just can’t get enough of it.

  • Redondo Beachgirl

    why does her nose sound so stuffy? and why isn’t she writing her own songs anymore? this is a cover song with a few changed words.

  • Justin SanDiego

    I try to be very level-headed when i review a song, so with that said

    Love the voice. Its get gritty and i love when it musicians voices just break at the right parts. Love the hooks!
    Hate the lyrics. Too many stupid space analogies. Toward the end she just reads us a list of planets. The first verse is the worse of all.

  • Sean

    INCREDIBLE SONG. Terrible idea for a single. Definitely approve of the decision to swap singles. Do What U Want will be huge.

  • calin

    silly song!!!!

  • Harlan Greenstein

    Uranus / don’t you know my ass is famous?”….LOL!! Cray …very crazy…not sure…grows on you…great dance beat!!