Mariah Carey Emancipates Her Body On “The Art Of Letting Go” Single Artwork

Well, Mariah Carey‘s upcoming hundredth studio album The Art Of Letting Go has been plagued by delays and underperforming singles (sorry, “Triumphant”), but there’s no arguing that “#Beautiful” was great — and she looks quite #beautiful indeed on the cover artwork for the upcoming title track, which she’s releasing as the next single from the LP. Wearing a swimsuit thing on a beach against a golden sunset, sporting tousled waves, her body is emancipated — just like her spirit. (!!!)

It’s also an upgrade from the dismally sloppy “#Beautiful” artwork — and a good sign of things to come. Seriously, it’s nothing short of remarkable that the immaculately preserved songstress manages to look this good. Even if this album fails to launch, we’ll always have the loveliness of her promotional photos. 

The Darkchild-produced single drops November 11.

  • fatal

    that’s like saying the pharaohs actually built a pyramid–it’s the legions of photo editors that have created MeMe’s “illustrations” for promo ad art-and their extensive talents should be recognized–honestly they ought to getting some awards for it it certainly is more work and talent then her crappp poptard rehash trash “music”

  • loueylou424

    This photo is a masterpiece but everything this woman does is perfection. I cannot wait to hear the R&B on this album. She is always outdoing the production of her last album. Love her curves and new hairstyle shes been sporting in the #beautiful vid and now this alum cover. Her ingenuity and voice always soothe and inspire my spirit.

  • tahoegeminii

    total PhotoShop fiction-how lame do you have to be to release that kind of cartoon of yourself as cover art–and why is MeMe constantly trying to be JLo-everyone saw her flapping disfigured gut and belly button at BET and saw just how huge she is-this just makes her look like the total fraud she is

    • Michael

      Mariah trying to be JLO? lol why would she lower herself to Jlo’s mediocrisy? Mariah is THE DIVA, don’t get it twisted hun.

  • Bobby Slobby

    #beautiful wasn’t “great.” It was pretty mediocre actually.