Sky Ferreira’s ‘Night Time, My Time’: Review Revue

Oct 29th, 2013 // 1 Comment
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Sky Ferreira‘s debut full-length, Night Time, My Time, has finally arrived today (October 29) after a frustrating and circuitous five-year journey. The event should be a cathartic step forward for Sky and her fans — especially when the album is so solid. Of course, it’s difficult to separate the music from the turmoil that preceded it (and that may not even be preferable). In our review of the album, Sam Lansky expertly waded through Ferreira’s sordid pop history in order to reveal the album’s most resonant details. In his 4/5 write-up, he concluded, “Night Time, My Time is her voice, uncontaminated, and it’s a document of frustration, disaffection and disillusionment. It’s probably exactly the album she was supposed to make. Last year, everything was embarrassing; this year, everything is just exhausting. Even on an album bathed in distortion, you can hear her saying so, loud and clear.”

That was one of several positive reactions to the release. Head below to see how everyone else reviewed the long-awaited album.

:: Pitchfork handed out an 8.1/10, and was relieved to find the album is “one of the most pleasingly conventional and cohesive pieces of pop-rock to come along this year… it’s a smart Kelly Kapowski hair-whip and loud bubblegum-crack of a record that lends itself to compulsive listening.”

:: The A.V. Club heaped praise onto the album on the way to a B+ grade. “[It] feels like the first release on which Ferreira is truly engaged with the music she’s creating. Appropriately, that’s because the album is neither sonically nor lyrically one-dimensional.”

:: USA Today scored it a 2.5/4, describing the material as “artfully buzzing, sometimes droning tunes that play like the soundtrack to a film about millennial nightlife.”

:: Rolling Stone was a bit harder on Night Time, My Time, arguing that despite the obsession with ’80s pop tricks, “the 21-year-old’s iciness ultimately fails to charm.”

:: All Music was impressed by Ferreira’s ability to “balance her teen pop past with her current interest in indie rock in surprising, creative, and always catchy ways.”

:: Consequence of Sound rated it a 3.5/5. “Sonically, the album is rarely able to find the middle ground between pristine shine and gloomy dungeons, giving it some continuity issues. But, taken one-by-one, the songs are mostly all gratifying…it appears that her string of shit luck has come to an end.”

:: Under the Radar was the most unimpressed outlet of the bunch, calling it an “uneven and unimpressive debut.” On the way to a 4/10 score, the reviewer posited, “Those hoping for a great leap forward à la last summer’s ‘Everything is Embarrassing’ — or even just more of the same — won’t find it on Night Time, My Time.”

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  1. Lisa

    I like the album a lot. I think Consequence of Sound hit it on the head, the album struggles to find a balance sometimes and can feel a bit uneven when taken as a whole. However I’ll be putting individual songs on playlists to suit whatever mood I happen to be in.

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