Beyonce Previews New Track “God Made You Beautiful” In ‘Life Is But A Dream’ DVD Trailer: Listen

Oct 30th, 2013 // 1 Comment
beyonce dvd
Queen B Teases Her Hive Again

Beyonce‘s Life Is But A Dream HBO documentary is getting the DVD treatment, and the trailer for the retail release includes a preview of her new song “God Made You Beautiful.” Based on the chunk heard in the promo above, it’s a self-affirming ballad replete with pianos, strings and finger snaps leading into a triumphant chorus.

Is the song part of her fifth album? Well, of course Beysus wouldn’t divulge something like that. What we do know is that the DVD (which also contains a live concert film) is out November 25 and includes a download of the new track. And that means members of the Beyhive can finally own an actual, real, official, finished new Beyonce song.


  1. Meh. Don’t care for the vocal arrangements, but it’s a pretty sentiment.

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