Beyonce Previews New Track “God Made You Beautiful” In ‘Life Is But A Dream’ DVD Trailer: Listen

beyonce dvd
Queen B Teases Her Hive Again
Beyonce‘s Life Is But A Dream HBO documentary is getting the DVD treatment, and the trailer for the retail release includes a preview of her new song “God Made You Beautiful.” Based on the chunk heard in the promo above, it’s a self-affirming ballad replete with pianos, strings and finger snaps leading into a triumphant chorus.

Is the song part of her fifth album? Well, of course Beysus wouldn’t divulge something like that. What we do know is that the DVD (which also contains a live concert film) is out November 25 and includes a download of the new track. And that means members of the Beyhive can finally own an actual, real, official, finished new Beyonce song.

  • ptizzy

    Meh. Don’t care for the vocal arrangements, but it’s a pretty sentiment.

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