Ke$ha’s Mom Shades Dr. Luke On Twitter, Demands Creative Freedom For Her Daughter

Oct 30th, 2013 // 2 Comments

The rift between Ke$ha and Dr. Luke runs deeper than first thought if tweets from the pop diva’s mother are any indication. Last night (October 29) Pebe Sebert — a talented singer/songwriter in her own right — jumped on Twitter to demand creative freedom for her daughter and fired shots at the super-producer.

Mama Dolla tweeted a link to the Free Ke$ha fan petition, which now has over 4000 signatures, before answering a couple of questions from concerned Animals. When asked if K$ had been dropped by her RCA, she replied “hope so”. Another fan wondered if the problem lay with the pop star’s label or producer. Pebe didn’t mince words: “Dr. Luke.”

This is getting really messy. Ke$ha addressed the situation in a recent Rolling Stone interview, saying she wanted more creative freedom but was rather vague about the details. Still, it’s becoming increasingly clear that she’s not happy and desperately wants to part ways with her mentor. See Pebe’s frustrated tweets after the jump.

Should Ke$ha make a statement clarifying the situation? Have your say in the comments below.


  1. Joanne

    There’s nothing for Kesha to clarify. She clearly doesn’t want to work with Luke anymore and she apparently told some fans she befriended that she was treated badly by him during the recording of Warrior. I think RCA needs to step in and do something to get her out of her Kemosabe contract and manage her career themselves. They can’t do any worse with her. She used to be one of their biggest artists and she can be again.

  2. Justin

    True! She used to be and still can be. The whole execution of Warrior was poorly managed by RCA. Die Young was a smash hit until the unfortunate event that radio stations pulled it. C’mon could have done better if they would have promoted it. Crazy kids would have done well again, if promotion was done WilliAm ruined it! A lot of artists have sophomore albums that don’t do as well while their 3rd is a smash hit. We shall see.

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