Kanye West, Selena Gomez & Lindsay Lohan Talk LA In 30 Seconds To Mars’ “City Of Angels” Video: Watch

An LA Love Song
Jared Leto calls on some of his closest pals to wax lyrical about Los Angeles in 30 Seconds To Mars‘ “City Of Angels”. Kanye West, Selena Gomez, Lindsay Lohan, Alan Cummings and James Franco all open up about about their relationship with the Californian metropolis — expressing their likes, dislikes and memorable experiences.

The documentary style commentaries are interspersed with footage of Jared belting out the rock ballad in the Hollywood Hills. It’s cheesy but the interesting interviews make up for the band’s corny histrionics. Highlights include Kanye saying that LA took his mother but gave him a daughter, Selena talking about the Disney stigma and Lindsay being, well, Lindsay. Watch up top.

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  • Özge Olcay

    Why did Jared need to include those scenes where he walks around and Marilyn cries, etc.? And I don’t buy the way he talks so “sincerely” about LA. I’m not saying he’s lying, it just looks so much like he’s putting on a show here. Ditto for Linz. It would have been perfect without their scenes. The parts where Jared sings are great though, just as the rest of the video.

  • Haydée

    I thought Selena was so, and now I confirmed, she uses people.