Miley Cyrus Dressed As Lil’ Kim With A Purple Pasty For Halloween, Just As The Prophecies Foretold

Oct 31st, 2013 // 3 Comments
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In 1999, a rapper named Lil’ Kim presented an award at the MTV Video Music Awards with one of her idols, Diana Ross. Kim was wearing a ridiculous purple outfit which featured her left breast dangling in the open air, covered by a purple pasty. The Supremes diva, seeing the outrageous potential of the situation, cupped the femcee’s exposed breast. History was made.

A southern belle named Miley Cyrus was just six years old when that happened. At the time, she had no idea that her destiny was already sealed, for she was the next One, the next messiah with the burden of turning a kinda controversial moment of sexuality at the VMAs into a headline-clogging hydra that defines a generation. And so at the 2013 VMAs, Miley fulfilled her duty, the duty that so many women on the VMA stage before her had been tasked with by the Fates.

And now to complete the final step of her divine responsibilities, game must recognize game. As the prophecies foretold, Miley dressed up as 1999 VMAs Lil Kim for Halloween, and posted the requisite selfies on Instagram. Somewhere, the next One has seen the divine cycle continue, and she, too, will do her duty at the VMAs of the future, and she, too, shall honor those that came before her by dressing as nude latex underwear Miley for Halloween.

For now, see what Miley hath wrought.


  1. Idolatry indeed. “Satan follows his desire”- Quran.

    I thnk instead of runnig after illusions you should try monotheism.

    God has no partners in power.

    Peace Be With You.

  2. ct

    Off the rails and heading for the ditch.

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