Celine Dion’s “Loved Me Back To Life” Gets A Monster Jump Smokers Remix: Listen

While Celine Dion‘s soaring “Loved Me Back To Life” nudged her towards mid-tempo territory, the explosive Jump Smokers remix drags the 45-year-old straight to the dance floor. Where she’s surprisingly content. As anyone old enough to remember the (amazingly) cheesy dance overhaul of “My Heart Will Go On” can tell you, nothing beats a Celine remix.

Jump Smokers follow a fairly narrow formula but their electro-house take on “Loved Me Back To Life” is raging success. This might actually get played in clubs, helping to re-establish the Canadian legend as an edgy modern diva — which seems to be the whole point of this project. Listen to Celine’s club-conquering remix after the jump.

Does this remix of “Loved Me Back To Life” make you want to dance? Let us know in the comments.