Lady Gaga Confirms “Dope” Will Be The Final ‘ARTPOP’ Buzz Single, Shares Terrifying Cover

Oct 31st, 2013 // 5 Comments
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Lady Gaga wasn’t going to let Halloween pass without giving her Little Monsters a special treat. The Koons of pop jumped on Twitter this afternoon (October 31) to let everyone know that “Dope” will be final pre-release promo single from ARTPOP. It hits iTunes on November 4.

Mother Monster also shared the cover and it’s her most terrifying work yet. Looking like a cross between Frankenstein and Michael Jackson, Gaga poses in an oversized box-shaped jacket and underpants. That’s fairly normal by her standards but she has scary teeth and bruises near her crotch. Enough said.

Is this Lady Gaga’s best or worst single cover? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Jeff Kunst


  2. dope

    Because the song is about needing her fans (more than dope) during the time she was down for surgery….

    I’m inclined to believe the bruise by her hip is in fact a representation of the injury. Skeleton-esque teeth a nod to “death” or her black out (or dope/meth mouth;) )

  3. I Love gaga, but i feel she’s doing way too many sneak peeks/previews. I already own studio version of Applause, Aura, Venus, DWYW, & Mary Jane Holland(and i’m not even strivin), as well as the Live Itunes sessions.

  4. Caption PR

    Hat by Ukrainian designer Ksenia Schnaider (

  5. Gilding Primal Instinct

    Gaga’s grill is actually a bracelet made by NYC jewelry brand Gilding Primal Instinct-

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