Adam Lambert Introduces His ‘Glee’ Character: Watch The Tantalizing Behind-The-Scenes Video

Adam Spills The Beans
Adam Lambert kindly documented his first day working on Glee with a cute behind-the-scenes video. He introduces his character — a struggling musician called Elliott — interspersed between footage from the show and commentary from fellow actors. The 31-year-old is clearly enthusiastic about the next step of his hugely successful post-American Idol career, singing the praises of everyone involved.

Interestingly, Adam also admits he auditioned for Glee when it first launched but didn’t get the role because he was too old. Thankfully, the producers revised their age restrictions and we can now expect week after week of killer performances and juicy drama (he talks about possibly being Kurt’s nemesis). Oh and Demi Lovato also discusses the pop star’s phenomenal talent. Watch up top.

Are you even more excited to see Adam on Glee now? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Lynn

    Adam’s excitement is palpable, I think he’ll give this role 150% like he does all of his performances. For fans, it’s a real treat to see him on TV. #winning

  • Elaine

    I am really looking forward to seeing Adam on Glee. He will bring excitement to the show and that voice will rock the stage.

  • terry

    “gay drama”??? Where did that come from? Oh right Adam’s gay so it then becomes “gay” drama and not just “drama” I geddit! (note: ‘nemesis’ does not equal sex)

  • DEBO

    HeathCliff !
    U R Everything Good in Song…The air above yr head …the earth beneath yr feet…oxox