Ed Sheeran Debuts New Song “I See Fire” For ‘The Hobbit’ Soundtrack: Listen

Sheerio, darling. Ed Sheeran, pop music’s ginger unicorn, has recorded a new song for the soundtrack of the upcoming film The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, and — like his touring mate Taylor Swift‘s contribution to the Hunger Games soundtrack, “Safe And Sound” — it’s a wonderfully warm, haunting track. Expect full-body chills when it plays over the closing credits in the movie’s final moments.

Starting off with eerie acapella vocals before an acoustic guitar kicks in and the track builds to a dramatic climax, it’s a more mature sound from Sheeran — who became even more of a Renaissance man while recording the song, as the crooner explained on Twitter. 

Big ups.

Listen below.