Ariana Grande Heats Up ‘Complex’ Magazine, Reveals “Baby I” Was Written For Beyonce

Ariana Grande ditches her trademark Disney princess look in favor or something a little more sexy for the cover of Complex magazine. The 20-year-old has been dolled up to look like a film noir vixen in the Gavin Bond-helmed shoot. It’s nice to see Ari switching it up but the excessive face paint makes her look more like Baby Jane than Lana Turner.

If you can get past the slightly distressing cover, the interview is a great read. Ariana opens up about being a Harry Potter fan, Mac Miller‘s bad breath — it smells like “cigarettes and whiskey” — and sensing demonic activity at a haunted house. (Happily, it didn’t possess her vagina unlike poor Ke$ha.) Also of interest is the revelation that Babyface originally wrote “Baby I” for Beyonce but the R&B icon decided to pass. 

Read Ariana’s full Complex interview here. Do you love or hate the big-lunged diva’s new look? Let us know in the comments below.