Justin Bieber Drags His Record Label On Twitter, Calls Def Jam “Shady”

Justin Bieber is not very happy with his record label and the 19-year-old wants everyone to know it. He jumped on Twitter early the morning (November 5) to vent his frustration, tweeting: “wish def jam would work harder on my project labels are shady”. He quickly removed the statement but not before it was retweeted 5000+ times.

However, the Canadian superstar wasn’t finished. Justin then fired another shot at Def Jam, tweeting: “beliebers should work at my record label :) good promoting fans”. It seems the world-famous teen is not pleased with the way his #MusicMondays campaign is performing. While all the songs have gone top 10 on iTunes, they haven’t made as big an impact as he obviously hoped. See JB’s tweets after the jump.

Is Justin right to be mad? Give your two cents in the comments below?

  • Jenny

    Yes, he has a good reason to be mad! It seems his label wants him to stick with his pop sound, and as you can tell from his latest releases, he is aiming for a more R&B sound! Justin has been telling his fans that he meets that he wanted to release this music sooner, but wasn’t allowed to! They can’t expect him to please these little 9-12 year olds anymore! He’s an adult now, and its time his music grows along with him, not his child fans!

  • Carlos Lately

    Yes, record labels often do a bad job promoting, but I’m pretty sure the reason his new music is flopping is only because it’s not good. Seriously. I like JB, and I’ve been a casual fan of him since he started but I haven’t liked any of the songs he’s released on Music Mondays, I would give every single one of them zero stars, and I’m not even trying to throw shade.

  • stephi

    yes i has a right to be kissed

  • Kerry

    It sounds like he’s getting a little greedy.
    I’m not an expert in the music industry, but I know *someone has to pay for the studio time it takes to make these songs, and unless it’s coming out of his pocket (which I doubt) then clearly his label is paying for it.
    Also, these songs he’s releasing are just random projects. They aren’t singles that need to be released to promote a new album. It takes money to promote an album, and you can bet the label would be paying for that as well.
    It would be different if Justin made an entire album and the label refused to promote it (such as the case with Kelly Clarkson’s “My December”). But his label probably doesn’t see the need to waste their time and money on one artists small project. Besides he’s on twitter, facebook, youtube, and every other social media outlet. Justin can promote the music himself for free. The songs made it to the top ten on iTunes anyway. So, why exactly does he have a beef with his label?

  • Tina

    The thing is I know he is trying to move away from teen pop sounding songs, but all his hits have been pop songs and to make a hit song it needs to have good music! All of his music Mondays songs are emotionally powerful and really good but unfortunately they don’t make much of a wave because people usually listen to something with a good beat and multi layered sounds. All the top songs right now are like that