Nicole Scherzinger Unveils Full “O Holy Night”: Hear Her Yuletide Cheer

Nov 8th, 2013 // 2 Comments

O, what a holy night it is! Songbird Nicole Scherzinger, who has still never released an actual solo album in the United States, has just dropped a studio cover of the holiday standard “O Holy Night.” It’s taken from the dubiously titled compilation A Very Special Christmas – Essential, a new collection of holiday tunes to benefit the Special Olympics. Ah, Nicole, she of the charitable spirit and giving heart. Stealing Rachel Crow‘s childhood on The X Factor must have been a one-off.

At any rate! It’s a stirring rendition of the tune, all melodramatic production and dramatic vocals, although it’s a crowded game for divas this year — with Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis, Ariana Grande and Mary J. Blige all dropping major holiday releases, Scherzy’s facing fierce competition — but she handles it ably. 

Listen below.


  1. Pissed

    Serously? “Stealing Rachel Crow‘s childhood on The X Factor must have been a one-off.” It wasn’t even Nicole’s fault! AMERICA DIDN”T FCKING VOTE! AND SHE DID NOT STEAL RACHEL CROW’S CHILDHOOD RACHEL’S FINE!

  2. Nicole did this cover really nicely
    No one can top nicole :P :)

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