Elen Levon Channels Taylor Swift On Country-Tinged Pop Gem “Over My Head”: Listen

Since launching her career with slick urban jam “Naughty” in 2011, Elen Levon‘s sound has slowly but surely evolved towards something more organic. The Australian diva made a commercial breakthrough earlier this year with summery, semi-acoustic pop track “Wild Child” but she takes things a step further on new single “Over My Head” — incorporating country elements into the sing-a-long smash.

Co-written by Tom Meredith (Ke$ha and Kelly Clarkson) and MdL (Justin Bieber), the bubbly love song is reminiscent of Taylor Swift in upbeat pop mode with its strummed guitars and hummed hook. “I want you outta my mind but I’m in over my head,” the 19-year-old sings in the sugary sweet chorus. Listen to a preview of Elen’s addictive anthem after the jump.

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