Lady Gaga Performs “Do What U Want” & “Venus” On ‘The Graham Norton Show’: Watch

She Does What She Wants
Lady Gaga took charge as she performed “Do What U Want” last night (Nov. 8) on The Graham Norton Show. When alone on stage, she widened her eyes as she pointed directly at the camera, as if she envisioned herself facing gossiping critics as she sang about them — “Write what you want, say what you want about me.”

And when a guitarist joined her, she wasted no time hovering over him like a stilt model, burrowing his head into her chest and then pushing him aside like the ARTPOP diva she is.

Featured artist R. Kelly may not have been there to reinforce the song’s “space-age George Jetson R&B sound,” in the words of DJ White Shadow. Still, Gaga managed to channel both the sass of ’90s club hits and the pro-female attitude that groups like En Vogue introduced to R&B of the same era. Watch the live rendition of “Do What U Want” up top, then watch her dance with a gaggle of Aphrodites for “Venus” after the jump.

  • Greg

    She creeps me out soooo much. But I have to admit, I see such a passion in her performance, that i’m okay with the creep factor. GaGa is going to dominate this fall. ARTPOP is flawless.

  • Yoani Veg

    Wonderful ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  • S. Crusher

    Great performance and a powerful demonstration of her vocal power but it would have been even better if Gaga retrained from belting out so often – at lease not every chance the opportunity presents itself. Balance would make the highs so much more effective. Gaga CAN sing and let her detractors be damned!

  • Jay

    For two songs that sound like nothing new (especially for someone like Lady Gaga) or exciting (I’m sorry, they don’t but that’s merely my own opinion), I don’t understand the attire. It distracts from the song. I get that the costumes have become a part of who she is but it made sense before but this time around it doesn’t. There was something about her songs in the past that certainly warranted it, but these new songs sound so boring and practically a rehash of everything she’s made before.

  • Notslaying

    She sure is moving great after having hip-replacement! Oh wait.. That was just a cover up for her flop tour.. Too bad she didn’t have the courage to drop all the weird costumes, and just show us talent.. Oh wait.. That only works when your material is good.. Wow.. I guess I’ve run out of attempts to be positive! Better luck next album gags! #karma

    • Greg

      No offense.. but you’re kind of an idiot. Did you even read or research at all before that comment?? I can’t believe i’m going to defend Lady GaGa, but the ‘Born This Way Ball’ pulled in a whopping $181 million after only 98 shows. Let’s just compare for fun. Britney’s ‘Femme Fatale Tour’, by YOUR standards of ‘flop’ must have been a massive flop… pulling in only $68 million after 79 shows. Rihanna’s ‘LOUD Tour’, after 98 shows, pulled in just $90 million. Beyonce, who’s done 107 shows already on her ‘Mrs. Carter Show World Tour’, has only pulled in an estimated $140+ million.

      THE ONLY one who’s actually besting GaGa these days, is the true Queen…. Madonna. Only 88 shows on her ‘MDNA Tour’, and the near 60 year old pulled in $305 million.

      Seeing as Madonna is the only one actually topping Lady GaGa, and seeing as ‘Born This Way’ managed to shift a whopping 7+ million copies around the globe (Britney and Beyonce came nowhere close), I’d say this mother “monster” is nowhere near being a flop.

      Just saying…. :)