Adam Lambert Takes Over DJ Duties For Ellen DeGeneres’ 1700th Episode, Talks New Music: Watch

Nov 11th, 2013 // 12 Comments
Adam Celebrates With Ellen

Adam Lambert dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show today (November 11) to help the host celebrate her 1700th episode. Looking extra suave in a stylish suit, the handsome crooner chatted about performing on stage with Queen and other work activities before spinning some records.

Interestingly, when Ellen asked Adam about new music he revealed that he is in talks with big labels and major producers — saying “things are turning”, which is great news for thirsty glamberts! He also mentioned his collaboration with Avicii, which he described as “disco loveliness”. Watch up top.

Are you excited for Adam to release new tunes? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Sherry

    You bet I’m excited to hear Adam’s new album. Every album he released is “Ear Candy” the man can sing anything and make it sound like a hit record. When he sang craiglist ads last Ellen show a capella the audience was in awe as his fans are every time he opens his mouth to sing or just talk. It’s about time the media and music industry gave him the respect he so deserves.

  2. terry

    I hope he puts out some new music soon. I need it :D

  3. Hannah

    Anything Adam Lambert does is exciting with new music topping it all!

  4. Sherrie Richey

    Adam is gorgeous and so very talented. SO happy to hear about new music!

  5. Sandra

    YEs!! I can’t wait!! He is such a talented musician!! I love his albums.

  6. Melody

    Beyond excited ,I love his voice and his music… I think Trespassing is an amazing album,I actually love both albums.. So looking for #3

  7. Red

    Alright! And all the Glamberts go party hard!

  8. Helen

    yes, everything Adam does is exciting!! can’t wait for new music & more TV appearances!! Wish he had his own show!!

  9. I totally agree with Helen … ADAM with his own show … singing … skits … guest stars … every week … has always been my fantasy … plus another album as great as the first two or BETTER-ER (if that is possible)!! Go! ADAM!!


  10. OMG Adam is going to start his own label! I predicted this a while back. LOL

  11. cathym

    Gosh he looks so handsome in a suit, so hoping for the new music soon !!!!!

  12. Kat23

    He is stunning and amazing…I stood about five feet from him in autograph meet and greet session post concert…he is breath taking…and omg…the man can sing like no other. i think his next cd is going to be more rock…yeah baby…he has hinted that he is going back a bit to his love of rock…

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