Candice Glover Is A Goddess On The Cover Of New Single “Cried”

Here’s some great news! Candice Glover, who won season 12 of American Idol (and, more importantly, got Mariah Carey‘s personal seal of approval), is back with a new single called “Cried”. It hits iTunes on November 26 and promises to be a step up from winner’s single “I Am Beautiful”.

The big-lunged diva unveiled the cover today and she looks absolutely gorgeous in a sexy zip-front dress and wind-swept straight hair. Candice has a phenomenal set of pipes. All she needs is some great material to make huge waves on the music scene in 2014. Hopefully her debut LP Music Speaks delivers the goods. It drops February 18.

Are you checking for Candice? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Tommy Cichon

    Forgot who she was a week after she won, thanks for reminding me.

    • Gata

      You obviously didn’t want to remember who she was because “google” will give you last seasons AI winner if you ask – lol!!!

      There are only a few winners I remember by name recognition, and she is at the top of my list. Off the top of my head here I go:

      Have a great day.

      • Jacob

        Soooo…you remember and can list Kris Allen off the top of your head, but not Carrie Underwood? Oh.

  • Staney Spears

    i love her so much cannot wait for this song she looks amazing

  • Fan4me

    Can’t wait to see how Candice does on her first non-Idol single!

  • Lola

    All the best Candice!

  • Sally

    Candice, I’m so happy for you, you deserve the very best. LOL