Is Beyonce Rocking This Ski Mask For The “Bow Down” Music Video Shoot?

Another day, another Beyonce rumor. The diva was spotted Wednesday rocking a Louis Vuitton ski mask while entering a trailer on a closed set for a shoot. The BeyHive is already buzzing about it being the “Bow Down” music video shoot, but we know how this game of whack-a-mole goes. (Remember this “leaked clip” of the “Bow Down” video?)

Previously, Bey was rumored to be releasing a new single before the end of the year, along with the Terry Richardson-directed video that was already shot in Coney Island. This latest nugget of speculation, of course, doesn’t fall in line with that claim (which was pretty dubious in the first place).

So, as usual, we don’t know what to believe, so we believe nothing. Luckily, we can revisit I Am… Sasha Fierce on its fifth birthday to remind us why we’ll pore through all the rumors and endure the mental anguish that comes with anticipating new Beyonce material.

[via E!]