Miley Cyrus Says She’s “One Of The Biggest Feminists In The World”: Watch

Say what you will about Miley Cyrus, but unlike many of her pop culture contemporaries — see Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift and even (sometimes) Lady Gaga for more — she’s not afraid of being labeled a feminist.

In an interview with BBC Newsbeat, Cyrus explained that she’s wary of the anti-feminist claims lobbied at her for her provocative image and videos: ““I feel like I’m one of the biggest feminists in the world because I tell women to not be scared of anything,” she said. ““Guys get to show their titties on the beach, why can’t we? I don’t understand the double standard.”

It’s a slightly reductive viewpoint, but given how the term “feminist” is stigmatized, with many female recording artists wary of being associated with the term, Miley’s lack of trepidation about calling herself that is deserving of some praise. (Not to mention the fact that pop stars are talking about feminism at all in interviews is probably a good thing.)

Moreover, it’s a solid reminder that she’s always been one of the most overtly political performers of her generation (she has a marriage equality tattoo!) — and whether you agree with her politics or not, her willingness to take a stand is admirable.

Watch the interview up top.

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