Justin Bieber Has So Many Feels In ‘Believe’ Official Trailer: Watch

justin bieber believe trailer
Tears Of A Biebs
Justin Bieber has posted a few clips from his forthcoming Believe documentary, and they depicted the star in a humanizing light: less manufactured pop assassin, more sentient being with complex emotions. Along with his Serious R&B releases in recent weeks, it’s a mature new look for the singer, and based on the this official Believe trailer, there’s much more unveiling to be seen.

A voiceover from the star warns, “When you’ve reached a certain point in your life, there are people out there waiting to see you fall,” and the subsequent clips show various sides of Bieber. He even faces questions about the impending “trainwreck” from his recent behavior, and addresses an infamous paparazzi fracas from earlier this year. There’s even a quick shot of Bieber’s cry face (which Selena Gomez is familiar with).

Usher at one point says, “You can’t have a normal life if you’re a superstar,” which is surely true, but it looks like the film aims to show that this particular superstar is still a normal guy. Check out the trailer up top.

Believe hits theaters Christmas Day.

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  • Tommy Cichon

    Boo hoo boo hoo Im a spoiled little rich kid with feelings

    • Jay

      Are spoiled rich people supposed to be devoid of any feelings because they are rich?
      What’s that saying? “Money doesn’t buy happiness.”

      • Tommy Cichon

        No, but do we really need a movie about how “hard” his life is just cause he has the money to make one? I doubt it will change anyone’s opinion of him.

  • Josh

    I’m confused to why this movie is happening.
    Justin doesn’t seem to be in the public’s good graces as of late and the “Bieber Fever” that started at the beginning of his career seems to have waned by now….little kids and tweens do move on to the next best thing after all.
    While he does still have many, many fans, this movie just seems like it’s going to be a bigger flop than One Direction’s movie.