Adam Levine To Be Named ‘People’ Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive, Maybe

Big ups to Adam Levine, a very good-looking person (who also occasionally sings and appears on The Voice): The Maroon 5 crooner will reportedly be announced next year for that most prestigious of all accolades.

A Grammy? No. An Oscar? No. A VMA? No. A People’s Choice Award? Definitely not. No, it’s better than all of those combined: The rocker has been tipped as People‘s Sexiest Man Alive, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Everyone, please try to remain calm.It would be the first win for the often-shirtless hunk, but it wouldn’t come as a surprise; earlier today on The Today Show, when asked about the rumors, he demurred: “It would be an interesting idea… I know nothing,” he said.

Last year’s winner, Channing Tatum, is probably crying into Jenna Dewan‘s bosom right now. Nobody said life was fair.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]