Sarah Palin Labels Cher Irrational For Calling Her The C-Word On Twitter

Nov 20th, 2013 // 4 Comments

Cher‘s Twitter feed is the eighth wonder of the world. Largely incomprehensible but always entertaining, the pop legend spews out stream of consciousness tweets about everything from pop culture to politics. On Friday night (November 15) after a glass or three of pinot gris (I’m guessing), the “Woman’s World” diva picked up her phone and called Sarah Palin a “DUMB C WORD”.

She didn’t give a further explanation but she’s Cher and she doesn’t have to. The politician kept quiet about the issue until today (November 20) when she updated her Facebook with a post describing the rant as irrational and linked to her brother’s response. He wrote: “I was sorry to hear that you tweeted out such vile comments about my little sister yesterday.” Fair enough.

“It’s sad because Sarah has never had a harsh word to say about you,” he continued. “In fact, our grandmother was one of your biggest fans.” Their grandmother? Is this a Republican’s idea of shade? Cher is a veteran but she hasn’t been around that long. See Cher’s tweet and the Palins’ replies after the jump.

Cher’s initial tweet:

Sarah’s response:

Her brother’s message:

So who’s right and who’s wrong? Why can’t they let Cher be great? Answer any one of the questions in the comments below.

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  1. Dylan

    Cher was in the wrong. It is about time we cease the hypocrisy of people who supposedly stand up against bullying (Cher and the LGBT community) and yet use their platform to bully others just because they have a different ideology. Sarah Palin may not be my pick for a politician, but she is still a human being with feelings. As for your “why can’t they let Cher be great” statement, there is NOTHING great about Cher’s hateful bullying.

  2. Pat

    As if Palin has never said bullying statements!!! Go on Cher!!!

  3. James

    I’m a huge Cher fan (Closer to the Truth is great!), but I think Dylan’s kind of right. We should respect people as people, even if they have different opinions. I can’t recall Palin saying anything particularly mean, just foolish and ignorant, so I think Cher’s just basing this on politics. Still not very nice.

  4. Congrats to Cher who has been accepted into the “Filthy Still” Club (Rev. 22:11) but who has also won a “Get Out Free” ticket offered 24/7 by Big J that’s good during only one lifetime (length of lifetime not guaranteed)! If you know of any other potty mouths or evil doers who would be good Hell-minded members of the Club, please send us their names.

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