Agnetha Faltskog And Gary Barlow’s “I Should’ve Followed You Home” Gets A Cute Dance Remix

There’s a lot to love about Agnetha Faltskog‘s comeback album but the highlight of A has to be the ABBA icon’s duet with Gary Barlow. “I Should’ve Followed You Home”, penned by the Take That heartthrob and Swedish producer Jörgen Elofsson, is a wistful disco-tinged ballad that exudes loveliness with each and every synth.

Not surprisingly, the track has been selected as the LP’s third single and could well return Agnetha to the upper reaches of the UK singles chart. A remix package has been commissioned to help her along and the ever-reliable 7th Heaven up the BPM while staying true to the original version. Listen after the jump.

Make sure you also watch the odd couple perform the song live on UK TV below:

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  • Howard Trigg

    I LOVE this new single, but can you believe the Uk is not getting it as a single??? Bizarre! Gary Barlows largest market, and we even had a live performance.

  • Stephen

    It won’t go up the UK charts because it hasn’t actually been released as a single there. Universal have stupidly left out the UK, while the rest of the world gets it as a single. Great remixes commissioned, surefire hit and they go and bypass it completely. Wasted opportunity.

  • Peeta

    Why is this not released in the UK?! Ridiculous! It’s an amazing tune!

  • Geoff

    It’s brilliant, she has not lost her amazing talent. why not a UK single, it would go straight to no 1

  • silesh

    one can dance to this even in their sleep…..A GREAT DANCE NUMBER

  • raye

    Thanks to 7th Heaven for this. Probably their best remix so far. I can dance to this 24×7

  • roslyn chambers

    Girl with the golden hair and the golden boy……what a pair they make. what great music they make….. just want to follow them everywhere !

  • Pauline Lister

    Absolutely lovely ! I cannot understand Whybthis hasn’t been released as a single in the UK crazy !

  • hectoranibal

    Que gran momento este noviembre de 2013 , donde a vuelto nuestra amada IDOLA , AGNETHA.. cuanto la hemos añorado todo este tiempo que a estado en silencio…los abbamaníacos estamos felices…

  • Henry

    Only yesterday I heard this song the first time and immediately fell in love with it – really superb! I also like the cartoon-like video, it reminds me of A-ha’s ‘Take on me’ video.