Justin Timberlake Wants To Conquer Country Music Next

Justin Timberlake is a Tennessee Kid, and being a Memphis native means deep down, he has country music coursing through his veins. And he may one day give in to his instincts, based on what he said in a recent SiriusXM interview. (Bad news if you weren’t feeling “Drink You Away.”)

When asked about his dreams to be a country star, Timberlake said, “They’re still alive. I just did an interview earlier today and I said, ‘I’m America, that’s what I am’ – in all sense of the word. I grew up outside of Memphis, Tennessee, and I listened to country music, R&B music, classic rock… everything.”

This being JT, he’s not just aiming to dip his toes in the water, he wants to conquer country just as he did pop. “I still got my eyes on a Best Country Album. There’s time for that.”  So he has seemingly plotted the next phase of his career — we just have to wonder if he’ll bring Timbaland along for it. 

Either way — Taylor Swift, you’re on notice!

[via NME]

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