Britney Spears’ “Perfume” Gets A Killer Chew Fu Remix: Listen To The Epic Dance Overhaul

Occasionally a great remix can salvage an underwhelming song, lifting it to previously unimagined heights. That’s the magic trick Chew Fu pulls off with Britney Spears“Perfume”. The New York-based DJ has an impressive track record of completely reinventing tunes — see his kooky overhaul of Jay Z‘s “Tom Ford” for reference — but this could be his best effort yet.

Brit’s lukewarm ballad has been transformed into an irresistible dance-pop gem dripping in ’80s influences and attitude. Everything about this is a vast improvement. The pop legend’s vocal is given space to soar over the tinkling piano and perky synths (instead of being weighed down by inexplicably heavy production) and the chorus now packs a much harder punch. Britney gets her groove back after the jump.

Should this version be sent to radio instead? Have your say in the comments below.

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  • Greg

    nope …. it’s still terrible.

  • Jasper Q

    it’s good but I still like the original more… and please mike wass stop the hate.. its not “lukewarm” at all.. in fact i think the “prod” in this versin weighs brit’s voice more than the original version

    • doug

      he is such a hater lol

  • Michelle Van Zanten
  • Britney Lover

    The Dreaming Mix is still the best…the mix should not exist in the first place!

  • blaackeagle

    The Dreaming Mix is the best. I rarely like remixes. This one is out.

  • Julia


  • tom aswad

    this sucks

  • Cheryl Bean

    Does someone at this Idolator blog date Chew Fu or are you his relative ? Why would you title this an “epic dance overhaul”???? this is garbage